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Fendt is the leading high-tech brand within AGCO for customers who demand nothing but the best quality from machines and services. Fendt tractors and harvesting machines work around the globe, both on professional farms and in non-agricultural applications. Customers benefit from innovative technology to improve performance, efficiency and profitability. Using resource-friendly solutions from Fendt helps farmers and contractors worldwide to work in a sustainable way.

Fendt 600 Vario. Naturally Superior

The completely new developed Fendt 600 Vario series incorporates various innovations like the Fendt VarioDrive driveline, composed of the exclusive AGCO Power 5-litre engine CORE50 and the newest generation of the Vario transmission. The 4-cylinder tractor sets new standards with up to 209 hp; a 60-inch track width; a high payload of 5.8 t and high maneuverability due to the compact dimension; high fuel efficiency; and the ex-factory tire pressure control system Fendt VarioGrip. Awards like those won at the 2023 AGRITECHNICA in the categories of mid-range tractors and audience choice as well as prestigious AE50 2024 awards show the potential of this maneuverable and high-performance tractor.

Fully battery-electric: Fendt e100 V Vario

The Fendt e100 V Vario was the first fully battery-electric, narrow-track tractor for specialist applications at Agritechnica 2023. The light, compact 55 kW machine works with existing implements and features the FendtONE system architecture. The Fendt e107 V Vario was developed for orchards, vineyards and greenhouses as well as municipalities. The machine has a battery capacity of 100 kWh. This corresponds to an operating time of about 4 - 7 hours for partial load applications, such as leaf cutting or mulching. Numerous farms and municipalities already generate their own energy through photovoltaics, wind power or biogas. Charged with this green electricity, the Fendt e100 V Vario can operate it in a CO2-neutral way – a closed energy cycle from generation to use. The “Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2024” rewards the consistently sustainable concept.

Fendt Slicer 960

The new Fendt Slicer range of 12 models features the powerful Streamline cutter bar. In addition, there are options such as the newly developed groupers and ISOBUS functions, such as a speed-dependent control of the contact pressure and the lateral shift or Section Control. With a maximum working width of 9.60/10.10 meters depending on the model the range of butterfly mowers was developed specifically for contractors and large farms. The innovative and newly developed automated conditioning intensity for butterfly and front mowers was awarded a DLG Agritechnica Innovation Award in silver. The automation achieves a more homogeneous drying of the forage. This leads to a uniform and high basic forage quality and is decisive for economically successful dairy cattle feeding.

Grain & Protein is built on brands committed to helping farmers, managers and integrators nourish a growing population by preserving more of the grain they produce and optimizing conditions for healthy livestock production. It is driven by five key brands: Cimbria®, GSI®, Automated Production® (AP), Cumberland® and Tecno®. The brands drive productivity for customers globally through smart and reliable grain and protein solutions to ensure food security, sustainability and animal welfare.

AP Connect

AP Connect turns swine producers’ smartphones into a barn window with an easy remote monitoring upgrade to their existing AP Controller. The app allows them to check temperature, water, humidity, heater, and auger run time with their existing probes. They can even track trends, changes, and weekly history. With AP Connect, they’ll have fewer surprises and make each trip to the barn more productive.

GSI Connect

Harvest is the busiest and most stressful time of the year for grain farmers. The last thing they need is another trip to their dryer. Yet, they do so because they need their dryer to perform, or their entire operation could come to a standstill. GSI Connect puts an end to that. The app lets them monitor and manage their dryer from the combine, the truck or even in bed. Farmers can relax knowing their dryer is doing its job. So, they can stay where they are and keep doing theirs.

Massey Ferguson offers a straightforward and dependable experience providing the best value for farmers around the world. The brand has earned the loyalty of farmers by leveraging an innate knowledge of the land, the farm, the machines, and equipment needed to get the job done. Massey Ferguson® has been a trusted partner of farmers for 175 years of innovation.

Massey Ferguson Momentum planter

The new Momentum unique chassis handles 18, 20, 22 and 24 rows with ease The rows are coupled to a smart chassis system that compensates for terrain variations, ensuring perfect seed placement, in terms of distribution and depth, which is key in plant emergence. To provide increased quality and performance, the new Momentum counts with its innovative chassis weight distribution system. When the planter is loaded, it distributes the central weight across all rows for more balanced pressure.

In addition to the new look, the new Massey Ferguson Momentum also has a new fertilizer system, which now operates with the VApply Granular system. Maximize fertilizer metering with the Precision Planting technology new two-section meters that reduce fertilizer waste by up to 50%.


With the best-in-class visibility, the MF 9S Series, which includes six models with powers from 285hp to 425hp, features the innovative Protect-U design and brings more comfort, control and automation to the high horsepower sector. With high performance in field work and transport applications, all models are equipped with Dyna-VT transmission and come with the latest smart farming functions to boost productivity.

MF 500R Sprayer: High technology and simple operation

The new Smart Drive transmission allows you to enter the field in less time, causing less damage and soil disturbance. Smart control meets powerful performance and quality applications. The 200 hp electronic engine works seamlessly with the smart drive system, delivering precise application at the right speed, with minimal engine revolutions. This translates to the lowest fuel consumption in its class.

Experience a new level of spraying precision with the 24, 30, 32 and 36-m booms. The LiquidLogic® system delivers consistent, high-quality application thanks to its advanced recirculation technology that prevents clogged nozzles and other features. Product Recovery allows all remaining product in the lines to be brought back to the tank at each change, increasing savings by up to 89% and providing greater sustainability. Boost your profits, maximize your yield, and protect the environment!

MF GUIDE delivers precision and operational efficiency, while MF Connect telemetry system allows superior fleet management.

Precision Planting products upgrade a farmer’s equipment, regardless of the brand, providing practical and effective retrofit precision agriculture technologies to help them continuously improve their operations. Precision Planting has successfully expanded its technologies across the crop cycle and is focused on developing smart products that improve planting, liquid application, harvest, and spraying operations on farms across the world.

Radicle Agronomics

Radicle Agronomics by Precision Planting is a suite of soil sampling and analysis tools to improve the efficiency and repeatability of the soil sample to fertilizer recommendation process.

Radicle Agronomics can help growers optimize the way they manage their fertilizer by integrating and improving all steps of the decision process

Starting with GeoPress and GeoTube in the field, soil samplers are able to take samples and mix and package them into an RFID coded GeoTube that references the location of the sample. The tubes are then taken to the Radicle Lab, the world's first self-contained soil lab. MicroFlow technology used in the Radicle lab helps eliminate human errors from the traditional laboratory process, completing a precision soil analysis in minutes.

The final step in the integrated Radicle system is Precision Planting purpose-built software that allows users to set up field boundaries, track the GeoPress' location, and view sample results from the lab.

Agronomists and growers will be able to more easily determine soil pH, buffer pH, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, cation exchange capacity and base saturation, providing a wealth of information to allow for precision application of fertilizer.


SymphonyNozzle was launched by Precision Planting in 2023 and is a retrofit, nozzle by nozzle control system for the sprayer a farmer already owns, no matter if it is pull type or self propelled, and can be installed on most brands. SymphonyNozzle provides independent control of pressure and rate, ensuring that as the operator sprays the field that droplet size is consistent to limit drift and to ensure complete leaf coverage.

SymphonyNozzle is a pulse width modulation system (PWM), that is easy to install and simple to service on your existing self-propelled or pull-type sprayer. SymphonyNozzle is available to be retrofit onto the sprayer a farmer already owns, without the need to purchase a new sprayer, allowing the farmer to convert their sprayer with traditional nozzles into a PWM nozzle system, allowing for independent control of rate and pressure. SymphonyNozzle uses easy to install point to point electronic architecture as opposed to large harnesses on each half of the sprayer. If a wire is pinched, replacement is easy. The Symphony nozzle body is toolless to disassemble, for easy cleanout. The check valve can also be moved to either side of the nozzle body without tools, for easy installation.


Clarity is a product that pairs with the Precision Planting 20|20 to inform operators of air seeders, box drills, dry fertilizer applicators, or strip till bars if their distribution of dry products are uniform. Standard blockage systems tell you only if product stops flowing, not flow variability row by row. The clarity system measures and maps, on the Precision Planting 20|20, magnitude and deviation, row by row, so that an operator can know if there as an issue on the machine that they need to look into. Finding these variations prevents the lost yield that can occur from incorrect rates of fertilizer or seed being applied.

Valtra stands out in the industry with easy-to-use, highly customizable tractors, offering reliability, durability, versatility and high-tech smart features that have made it a pace-setting brand in Europe, South America and other regions, across a wide range of applications.

Valtra S Series

The 6th generation Valtra S Series was launched at an international event held at Valtra’s brand home factory in Suolahti, Finland, and was first unveiled to the public at Agritchnica. Nick named The Boss, the new S Series is Valtra’s flagship tractor, and comes fully loaded with Valtra’s easy-to-use smart farming technology. The S Series is made in Finland and is customizable with Valtra Unlimited features and services for increased productivity and profitability.

Valtra Q Series launch events and Valtra SmartTour

During 2023, the Valtra SmartTour and Q Series local launch events continued. Over 2100 visitors registered for public and special events in Finland, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Norway, and Poland.

Valtra Unlimited 10-year anniversary

In 2023 Valtra Unlimited celebrated 10 years of providing customer-specified individual tailoring for Valtra tractors directly from the Suolahti factory. 2023 was a record year for Valtra Unlimited and its financial contribution to Valtra. More than a third of all tractors leaving Suolahti have some form of unlimited customization and over 86% of new Q Series tractors are individually tailored by Unlimited.